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Why It’s Better To Buy Car Insurance Directly From The Company



Why It's Better To Buy Car Insurance Directly From The Company

When searching for car insurance, most people first turn to their local insurance agent. But is that the best way to find the best policy for you and your car? If you’re anything like most people, you’ll be shopping for car insurance from where you buy everything else: the local insurance agent. Most people want to do business with companies they feel they can trust, and insurance companies are no exception—car insurance before deciding and transferring your insurance policy.
Even worse, these agents are typically paid a percentage of your premium every year. The more you pay these agents every year, the more they’ll make. And while they may seem like they’re working in your best interests, they’re not. They’re being paid to sell you the insurance policy they’re offering, not to offer great service. This is why it’s so important to know where you can go to get the best car insurance without the influence of an agent. Here are a few reasons why buying car insurance directly from a car insurance company is better.
You’re Getting a Direct Quote
The first and most obvious benefit of shopping for car insurance directly from the company is getting a direct quote. A quote is an estimate of the cost of your policy. We all know that insurance rates can vary significantly from company to company.
So, the quote you receive from your insurance company may not be the exact price you pay. But it should be pretty close. When shopping around for car insurance, you’re getting a ballpark estimate of what your policy will cost. Your agent is showing you where they think the rates should be. With this direct quote, you can shop around much more accurately.

You’re Getting a More In-Depth Quote

Another great benefit of shopping directly from the companies is getting a more in-depth quote. This means you can expect to receive a quote in writing, and you can compare the prices of several companies to see where the differences are the most significant. You usually won’t get a written quote with an agent’s quote. Instead, you’ll get an oral quote in person.
This means you can’t compare prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. And, even if you decide to switch companies, you have to start the process again from the beginning. This in-depth quote also lets you make sure the company you choose has the coverage you need before purchasing it. So, even if you have a budget, you can still make sure you’re getting a policy that fits within that budget.

You Get the Policies You Need

ensure you’re getting the coverage you need. If you’re shopping for a comprehensive car insurance policy, make sure you’re getting a full coverage policy. If you’re purchasing a comprehensive policy. A comprehensive policy will cover the full cost of repairs to your vehicle should it be damaged while driving it. It will also cover any damage while parked in a public or private parking lot.
A bare-bones policy will only cover you if you wreck in a parking lot or damage your vehicle while parked. If you’re shopping for a liability policy, make sure you get one with enough coverage. A policy with $100,000 in coverage is usually enough for most people. But, if you’re unsure, call your insurance provider to make sure the coverage you’re getting is what you need.

The Company Has Completely Made-Up Policies For You

the company has completely made-up policies for you. You may be familiar with “standardized” or “form-based” insurance policies. These are just fancy words for the insurance companies making up completely customizable policies for each person.
With a standardized policy, you could get the same coverage on your house and your car. Or, you could get different coverage on each policy. With a customizable policy, you can get any coverage you want. But, most of the time, you’ll be getting a customizable policy that the insurance company has made up. This is another reason why shopping from the company is so important.
The company is offering you a standard policy that they’ve completely made up for you. This means they can use your information to give you a very customizable policy that fits all of your needs. A policy you create yourself. Protection and a great discount on your premiums.

The Company Can Offer You Special Discounts Without Influencing Their Sales Team

the company can offer you special discounts without influencing their sales team. This means that the insurance company can still give you a great deal even if you don’t buy a policy from them. You can often get discounts on your car insurance if you have another insurance policy with the same company. This way, you’re still saving money even if you don’t switch to the company’s coverage.
This is another reason it’s better to shop from the company. They can still get you to sign up for their coverage even if you have another type of coverage. They can even get you to increase the amount of coverage you have. This is why it’s so important to shop around for car insurance. You need to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for your price.


Finally, the last great benefit of shopping directly from the company is that the company can’t policy. When you contact your local insurance agent, they’re going to want to sell you a policy. They’re going to want to pressure you into buying a policy. This is because they’re a commission-based business. They are giving great service. When you buy car insurance directly from the company, you have no sales team. The company doesn’t want to pressure you into buying a policy.
They don’t want to sell you a policy. They want to help you find the coverage that works best for you. This is why it’s so important to shop around for car insurance. It may look like you’re getting the same deal as you did with your local insurance agent.

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Black Owned Nail Salons Near You



Black Owned Nail Salons Near You

As an African American, fixing your nail can be a very big challenge when you do not have a very good nail person or have someone that understands how to improve your nail correctly as it will suit you and your skin type. We will be looking at the best black owned nail salons near you.

Spending your dollar where it is worth spending is significant as just spending the dollar itself. Over the years, there have been issues facing what matches the skin to how it is fixed.

You will agree with me that what matches the light skin might not really fit in when someone with chocolate or black skin put it on, this is why it is very important to note those black owned nail salons near you so that you would be treated as you are supposed and also get the best nail done by your own who really understand what to make an African queen look pretty in the African way while putting to modest touches like a pro.

This of black owned nail salons near you may be random, so you have a duty here to perform and that duty is locating the nearest black owned nail salons near you with the help of addresses we will be provided alongside the names of those black owned nail salons near you.

1. Black Owned Nail Salons Near You In Alabama

Metropolitan Nails

The metropolitan nail is an exclusive place to get your nails done, they have the required tools that make you feel relaxed while your nails are been taking care of, and you can get your hair done too if the services you won’t require it.

Address and Location: 2590 Sparkman Dr. NW Suite C, Huntsville, AL 35810

About: Metropolitan Nails believe that getting your nails done should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience.


Social Media: fb: metronailshsv | ig: metronailshsv

Sassy Nails Avondale

This is one of the best black owned nail salons where you can get the worth of your money, taking a look at their Facebook page, you will testify that they really know what they are doing down there and have got customers hooked to their exclusive services.

Address and Location: Sassy Nails Avondale, 4356 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35222, United States

Social Media: fb: sassynails.Avondale

About: No much information

2. Black Owned Nail Salons Near You In Arizona

Joie Beaute Bar

You cant talk about the beauty of African woman’s nails in Arizona without mentioning the Joie Beaute Bar, they have full house equipment on nail beauty joined with their exclusive services that come in a pack. You can choose the kind of package you want and it will give to you as you really want it.

Address and Location: 2316 West Bethany Home Road Suite 117, Phoenix, Arizona 85301


Social Media: n/a

About: n/a

Deeply Rooted AZ

Deeply rooted AZ has one of the experienced workers that will blow your mind with their services, it is worth it to give them a try if you are in Arizona

Address Location: 4727 E. Cactus Rd. Suite 30, Phoenix, AZ 85032

About: Nails, full hair care, natural hair care


Social Media: n/a

3. Black Owned Nail Salons Near You In Connecticut

B.Couture Nail Salon & SlayBar

B. Couture Nail Salon has one of the best-decorated houses in Connecticut, you can get your nails fixed with the full packages and treatment that will keep you hooked, if you are in Connecticut, it’s worth it to visit them.

About: Make-Up Artists, Cosmologists, Pedicurists, Waxing and Lash Extensions Among a Full Custom Cosmetic Products Line. With Spa Amenities including Signature Facials.

Address and Location: n/a


Social Media: n/a

Z Luxury

Z Luxury is another salon where you can get a nicely done nail for yourself, it has lots of one of the best equipment that will really get you the kind of nail needed by you.

Adress and Location: 361 Park Rd 2nd Floor, West Hartford, CT

About: pedicure, manicure, nail art, mobile services and salon services


Social Media: n/a

4. Black Owned Nail Salons Near You In California

Powder Beauty Co.

Here is one place you can always trust to get you that nail you have always dreamed of, they have press on nails that will surely fit you.
Address and Location: 452 South La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, California 90036

About: pedicure, manicure, polish, facials, pedicure, waxing (eyebrows, legs, arms)


Social Media: IG: powder beauty | FB: powder beauty

Nails by Ellamarie LLC

Nails by Ellamarie have proven to be one place to get a nicely done nail for those that have any nail issues, they have the chemicals to treat nail affections and nail bacteria with their experienced expects that oversee the affairs of the salon.

Address and Location: 1002 Marin Street, Vallejo, CA 94590

About: n/a


Social Media: n/a

Nail Bully Nail Boutique

Florida has got Nail bully for unique and nicely done nails, if you want to get your nail done, you should try as much yoi can to pay them a visit.
Location:4080 W Broward Blvd, Plantation FL. 33317

About: manicure, pedicure, nail enhancements.


Social Media: ig: nailbully

Chic Nailz

Chic Nailz got your back with the kind of nails you have always dreamed of, you should make sure to go give them that description of nail you want and it will be done for you.

Location: 6115 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, Fl 33023

About: basic full set, coffin nails, crystal design.


Social Media: ig: chicnailzlounge

Rhina Riffic Nails

Rhina is another nail salon in Florida that will give your dream nail in a way you will love it.

Address and Location: 1660 NE Miami Gardens dr #6 suite 26, Miami, FL 33179

About: pedicure, manicure, full sets, fill-ins, encapsulated, sculpture


Social Media: ig: rhinarifficnails

5. Black Owned Nail Salons Near You In New York

The Nail Suite

Nork got The Nail Suite which you can trust to get the best nail for yourself.

Adress and Location: 2388 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd

About: pedicure, manicure, massage, nail art, facial, wax


Social Media: ig: thenailsuite

Dera Ebelle’s Nail Boutique

Dera Ebelles will give you nice looking nails that will take you to any place you wish to with a classic style. Be sure to check them out anytime you are in New York

Address and Location: 350 Franklin Ave, Franklin Sq. NY 11010

About: pedicure, manicure, massage, nail art, facial, wax


Social Media: n/a

6. Black Owned Nail Salons Near You In Georgia

Diamonds N the Rough Nail Salon

Diamonds N is one place you can relia on when it comes to making you a nicely done nail in Georgia

Address and Location: 1190 Fairburn Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30331, USA

About: pedicure, manicure, full sets, nail art


Social Media: ig: dntr_nailsalon

Jazzy Nail Studio

Jazzy Nails Studio is another place where you can get a good nail done for yourself, you should check them out.

Address and Location: 3845 North Druid Hills, 202, Decatur GA 30033

About: pedicure, manicure, full sets, polygel, extensions.


Social Media: ig: jazzynailstudio

Nails by Tiara

Getting nicely done nails is a dream come true to some chocolate skinned lady, Nail by Tiara is your sure plug.

Address and Location: 2745 MT ZION RD, JONESBORO, GA 30236

About: manicure, acrylics.

Website: http://www.nailsbytiara

Social Media: ig: nailsbytiara

Tula 2 Nail Salon

Tula is another place to check out when getting your nail done in Georgia

Address and Location: 1133 Huff Road, Suite E, Atlanta, GA 30318

About: pedicure, manicure, full sets, lashes, massages.


Social Media: ig: n/a


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10 Tech Startup Ideas



10 Tech Startup Ideas

The Tech industry remains the best place with the greatest opportunity to grow financially and others, here are some tech startup ideas for you to start your tech career where you can be able to make it great impact on the society, and the world and even provide job opportunities for those in need of a job.

  • IT strategy consultant
  • software consultant
  • Software developer
  • Robotics software engineer
  • Firmware developer
  • Financial software developer
  • QA developer
  • Car mechanical engineering
  • Car consultant
  • Computer consultant

1. IT strategist consultant

As an IT strategist consultant you will be hired by businesses to professionally look into various aspects of their business such as the company management which is the top part of the company, financial examination and the company is doing the spending, how much are they making from the ones they are spending and if they are spending more than they are making.

You would also be hired to take care of the technical aspect of the firm where you will be in charge of the cyber security, how information is sent and received remotely and ways to protect the company software from hackers and viruses.

As an IT strategist consultant, you can open your own firm where you let people come to you for your services, then when you provide these services for them, you will be get paid. This is the best way to make it in the I strategies consultant industry.

You can also provide a clean and well-sketched plan on how companies that succeed if they follow, guide them on how to overtake competitors without creating any problems for themselves and how to grow the company in general. IT strategist is a very clear example of what you should do when it comes to tech startup ideas to venture into.

2. Software consultant

A software consultant is one who is paid by an individual or company to give their expert review and guideline on a software system and the third party and how to best develop it to better serve the need it is been developed for.

As a software consultant, you need to possess a high range of experience and ideas about software and how the works, you need to have knowledge of the programming languages listed below.

  • Python program
  • JavaScript program
  • CSS
  • Java
  • c++

You are expected to provide the important information to make a company go with the best decision that will better serve them and put them at the top of the game.

Software choices often impact companies and firms, making the wrong choices can cause so much damage to the company, they may lose credibility, they may lose lots of customers and may also lose their stand in the market making it difficult to secure customers.

3. Software developer

A software developer is a very nice idea for tech startup ideas, as a software developer, you have many opportunities waiting for you. Many industries are in search of a very good software developer that builds sophisticated software for their industry.

You can start working for companies like that in order to get paid, there are software ideas you can get from the internet, those ideas have been published for free and would really give you a head start on where to start when building software.

4. Robotics software engineer

As a robotic software engineer, you are to build robots use in homes and industries for faster, efficient and near to perfect productivity as human beings are too occupied to be doing some kind of work.

Industries are switching to robotic use making robotics software engineering a very lucrative business to go into, you have to understand in full how robotic engineering works, how to write a clean program and how to assemble mechanical parts into one machine that will enable your robot parts to move.

Robotics software engineering can be owned by an individual company where one can build its robot then sell it to homes and offices just like amazon and google are doing, robot is high efficiency in doing the task it’s made for and by that attracting many buyers. So you have lots of potential to earn high from building your robots.

You need to check the robot’s performance for a better understanding of functionality before putting it out on the market.

  1. You need to check the functionality
  2. The performance
  3. The accuracy in doing the task
  4. Its life span
  5. Possible faults it may develop and how to easily fix them
  6. How best to improve its functionality

5. Firmware developer

Firmware developers are those who develop firmware and design hardware and software for online system supervision and protocol. Firmware developers enable IT companies to flawlessly in both maintaining their systems and securing their data from cyber theft.

There are lots of ways to earn money while being a firmware developer and one of them is developing a firmware then selling it out to people who may need it in their firm and building a private firmware for industries that needs it for a specific reason.

Before becoming a firmware developer you need to understand the basis of development and computer programming, you need to learn how to write a program, especially a python programming language from a to z, and you need to understand how firmware and internet security works so that you know the places to keep too private while developing your firmware.

6. Financial software developer

Financial software developers are developers who developed, modify and update financial software uses in the bank, this software includes security, secured protocol, encryption and operating interface.

As a financial software developer, you are to build secure software that banks can use in maintaining their business and recording as well as collecting customer data.

You can have your own software that you use for financial purposes. Financial software developers are among the well-paid software developers in the world because it takes lots of energy and works to develop any kind of software due to the fact that it has to do with finances and highly valued documents.  Firms are willing to pay big amounts of money so far you can build a very nice, neat and secured financial software for them.

7. QA developer

As a QA developer, your job is to improve already assisting software and make them better than they where, you need to make them more secure, improve functionality, make the necessary improvement and make it more profitable to the industry.

8. Car mechanical engineering

Car mechanical engineering can be classified into two parts

  1. Car Designers
  2. Car maintenance

Car Designers

If you are a car builder, you are required to work in a car company where cars as being manufactured, you can work as a head engineer where you direct workers on ways to better design the cars. You may be among the designers where the job is to design new models for cars and feature designs.

You will need to have a degree in mechanical engineering meaning you have passed through all the training and gain all the knowledge needed to build cars before you can fully called an engineer.

Car Maintenance

You can own an auto prepare workshop where you help maintain and repair faulty cars and machines, your job is to change paths and service cars for people who have default cars as well as make parts available to anyone who wants to change his or her car parts.

9. Car consultant

A car consultant is one who helps people that want to acquire a car for themselves, their job is to get a car that suits their needs, have good functionality and will be affordable for them equally.

You can learn all it needs to be a car consultant online by registering for the course or learning how to perform in that industry through YouTube, there are YouTube videos that teach people how to become very good car consultants.

10. Computer consultant

Computer consultants can be hardware system programmers, software installer or computer maintenance, your job is to overseas all the expectations of computers apart from manufacturing.

You can develop software for industries or help maintain for them, there are lots of jobs to be done if you wish to join the computer consulting firm, there are lots of payments involved meaning companies will pay highly for experience computer consultant.

You can learn more about computer consultants by researching more about it through books studying or numerous information scattered online.


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Guide To Digital Startup



Guide To Digital Startup

The world has gone too digital than it was a few years back, this guide is all you need for your digital startup and how to get the best out of it.

Multi-million companies today are those in the digital world, you can easily start up a business in your home without having to go rent out a place for it unless you want to expound, there are hundreds of companies that are sorely based on digital, these companies has no physical housing or building but only depend on IP address, web address and online content the have published on the company platform.

We will cover most of the parts of a digital startup and how you can easily grow from scratch if the amount of work needed is added.

  • 1000 digital startup Ideas
  • How to grow your digital startup
  • Challenges of digital startup
  • How to overcome the digital startup challenges
  • Ways to stand out on your digital startup firm

1. 1000 digital digital startup

There are lots of digital startup ideas around us, if you are very observant, you will see that many of the things people ignore are things that will definitely fetch money to those that are wise enough to venture into it.

There is nothing that we can not create a digital part of, what do I mean? imagine in your area, lots of people are in need of access to fast internet, you can provide that by working with those companies that have fast internet to come to establish there.

You can create an application that will teach people how to train their pets and make them obedient, you can create a blog where you guide people on how to prepare delicious meals which can turn into a source of income for them. Below is a list of digital startup ideas we know will serve people well.

  1. Create a local delivery app
  2. Build a local meal app
  3. Create a meal blog where you teach people how to cook
  4. Build an app that teaches children
  5. Build an app that helps grown-ups get good healthcare
  6. Build an app that tracks malaria
  7. Build an app that guides people to the nearest hospital
  8. Build an app that helps people learn a foreign language
  9. Build an app that teaches children to speak
  10. Build an app that shows people how to dress
  11. Build an app that shares a meme
  12. create a platform for live matches
  13. Startup IT company
  14. Create an app that teaches people how to write a program
  15. Build an app that teaches math to school students
  16. Build an app that helps people keep to time
  17. Build an app that helps churches
  18. Build an app that helps teachers keep up with lectures
  19. Build apps that help schools keep up with studies
  20. Build apps that break down lectures for children
  21. Build an app that helps kids learn to program
  22. Build apps that help parents best teach children manners
  23. Build an app that helps parents monitor kids’ phone

2. How to grow your digital startup

Before talking about growing your digital startup you must first come up with some unique ideas that will surely sell, this is the part people usually get wrong, unique ideas and strategies will surely serve you well than copying what people have been doing before.

After getting your unique idea for your digital startup, you need to consider planning on ways you can carry out the ideas, consider seeking help from those with ideas on how to build a brand and those in that particular niche on startup digital so they can guide through the difficulty so you can better prepare for them.

You will also need to advertise your digital startup to attract customers and investors, publicity is very important in any digital startup, you will need to spend money on publicity, pay for adverts and print flyers for people to physically see what you do.

You will also need help from people in which some of them will gladly do it for free while others will charge you for it which is a payment for the time they invested in teaching you.

3. Challenges of digital startup

Just like many businesses out there, the digital startup has their own challenges which are slow internet and computer not working well, you will need to first get a good computer and a good internet connection.

Coming up with ideas that are unique is very important too, when you go for ideas that are not really unique or ideas so many people have already started, it will be hard for you to grow because you will have to fight off competition and those that see you as a threat to their business.

Money is another problem you will face in the digital startup, you will need money to acquire everything you need and lack of money or not having an adequate amount will really do no good to your digital startup.

You will be really stressed out when starting up your firm because at first, you will need to work 18 hours a day and 7 days a week which is a lot to carry, but once you master it and have grown your digital startup you are good to go.

4. How to overcome the digital startup challenges

The ultimate way to overcome digital startup is, first of all, to understand what you will be facing in that industry, you should first make enquiries from those in the business who already use Google to search on possible questions you feel you will likely need to solve any problem you face.

Make sure you are fully ready before you start anything, be sure you are confident that you can be able to carry the difficulty that comes from a digital startup.

5. Ways to stand out on digital startup firm

If you want to stand out you must first do what others are not willing to do, you should first understand how it’s done then add your own style into it and make sure you keep growing on that.

Provide quality services and make sure you are always asking people om ways to serve them, ask them how satisfied they are with your services and improve based on the complaints they have communicated to you.


The digital startup is a very good business idea as much as you can master it and grow based on the things others have failed to do, you should be willing to work twice as hard as anybody else.

A digital startup business can really do you a very big justice once you invest money into it, be diligent in doing the business, employ people as you should, do your research, ask questions and serve your customers.

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