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10 On-Demand Kasi Business Ideas



Kasi Business Ideas

South Africa needs more business in various towns to enable money flow and distribution across each town and state. We agree that kasi business has made many millionaires in South Africa doesn’t mean that there is no room for more millionaires in making.

There are many kasi business opportunities available that you can still venture into as an aspiring entrepreneur, there is a lot of money to be made from that.

The only way many will be able to make the money is by starting small and then building the business to the level you want.


The mistake young business owners made is thinking that business success will come automatically once they have put little money into the business forgetting that nothing works that way, you must be willing to start small and then build to the top.

When i first visited south Africa first in the years 2010. I made some surveys in which my aim was to find a business that will be able to start fetching money after the second year.

I did my survey for a period of 6 months, I got ideas from people I trusted to give me legit information while I scramble for my own way.

After a period of 6 months, I was able to get ideas of the business I could start. Now the problem was determining the best place to start that very business which took me a period of 3 months totalling 9 months I spent in a business venture in South Africa.


Due to the period, I spent finding the right business that will best suit me, I got success in my business. Thou my success didn’t come once.

The time came when I felt like I have made the wrong choice by venturing into business in South Africa, but at this point, I had two options, one was too quiet and the other was to continue with the hope that my tomorrow will be better.

I stuck with the idea of staying strong and building my business in South Africa and after about 2 years of running my business, I started getting success in every expert, even the place I least expect.

My point is that no business will get success from the very first day it is launched, you must be willing to sacrifice on behalf of the business, put your best into it and sometimes go hungry to make sure you are successful in any one you choose to go with.


I will guide you on the top kasi business you can start today in South Africa, during my time there was no one to help me make the right decisions, everything I did was based on trial and error till I found what works.

Here you have the luxury of getting first-hand advice from someone who has been there and knows the exact steps one can take to succeed with any kasi business idea.

In those posts I will show you the best kasi business ideas you can start from today, these ideas are not very hard to start and will not be very hard to master.

Kasi Business Ideas

The unemployment rate has risen to a point where since the modern history, there has not been any time the rate at which people can not be employed.


As a young man or woman, you can start your kasi business with this ultimate idea I am giving out here now. It is your job to figure out the one that will best suit your interest, build on it and establish a  name on it. Doing this will help you solve the employment rate in your own capacity.

1. Videography and Photography

Though there are lots of phones with amazing cameras, this only can not eliminate the need for professional photography.

Start covering occasions for people who may need your help, and use drone technology to capture and video invent. People are willing to pay a huge amount of money when you do your work professionally.

For a startup, you will be required to spend money on cameras, video recorders, and drones with good cameras. Buying this item will be very expensive for a stater, I will advise going with what you can afford the when you start making money


2. Provide Laundry Services

Many shy away from laundry services thinking is a job made for those with low self-estimate. Many millionaires started as laundry service provider, raised money hen ventured into other business still doing their laundry business.

This is a great way to start up your kasi business in any town in South Africa, there are lots of places that need laundry providers, look out for those paces then establish your base there.

3. Start as a Freelancer

The freelancing market needs more hands due to demand exceeding the supply. Not too many people know that as a freelancer you can live the life you have always dreamed of living having the freedom to work anytime you chose to do so.

Start delivering jobs that require low skills, study the ones that require tactical skills, and when you master it, you can switch to them. Remember you should be willing to endure the pains that come with it.


4. UI and UX Designer

5. Pet Training and Grooming

6. Gym Trainer

7. Virtual Teacher and Instructor

8. Commercial Transportation Business

9. Private Driver

10. Car Wash Services

Bottom Line

This is my 10 list of kasi business ideas I consider very lucrative. You do not have to do everything at once, there are ways to make your work more productive and that is putting all of your work at a particular place a time, some times multitasking ourselves doesn’t really work out fine but putting work where it is required and Putin our best every time we decide to do anything.

I hope I have helped you make a better choice of kasi business ideas you want to start be sure to give us feedback on any place you will e ending help. I will be more than happy to answer any further questions you want.

Starting any of the kasi business ideas we have listed here may turn out to be the best you will do for yourself, you do not have to wait till you have everything, you can start with that little money in your bank account and then expound as your earn.

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How To Setup Online Boutique Business Plan



How To Setup Online Boutique Business Plan

Building a business from time has not been an easy thing to do, we understand this very well which is why we are about to teach you how to prepare your online boutique business plan.
Ever wondered if it is possible to own an online boutique where your showcase trending fashions for people to buy, yes it is very possible.

Many may call that kind of business clothing e-commerce websites while others know them to be online boutiques. I will teach you the exact ways I was able to set my plan for my online boutique business, the steps I follow in order to get a successful business plan and the ways I was able to do it.

You must be wondering why it is hard to get a business plan for your online boutique very hard, it is because you have been looking at the wrong places which showcase a very lengthy business plan that appears impossible to achieve.


The truth still remains that a business plan needs to be carefully written and involve many steps in order to arrive at the best approach but it doesn’t need to be stressful.

There are some websites that will give you a good already made online boutique business plan, but none will give you a business plan that perfectly suits you and the aim you have for the business.

There are a few things I will really focus on teaching you here, those things are the main criteria for preparing any online business plan. You can apply it to any only business you may be venturing into tomorrow.

  1. Preparing a business plan base on your experience
  2. Make sure everything needed is in place
  3. Setting a realistic goal
  4. What do you look for as a guide while preparing your business plan
  5. Cost of setting up your business
  6. The approach to promoting your online boutique
  7. Area of concertation
  8. Startup budget plans
  9. Strategy to keep customers glued to your online boutique business
  10. Numbers of staff you will need to start up the business

From my experience, I have learnt that it is better to include both the known and the unknown while preparing your business plans.

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There is no formal agreement on what a business plan should look like, it only needs to be realistic and presentable in case you want to get a loan from a bank. I highly recommend your pay very close attention to these things.

Online Boutique Business Plan

Having made a deep research on an online boutique business plan, I concluded that there are things that are not supposed to be limited while there are things that are not supposed to be added based on the need for modern developments.

One thing you should always in mind is that the need for you to stay on track should be there, monthly analyses should never be missed and quality reports should be examined very well in order to improve work output and improve the income your online boutique generates.

1. Preparing a business plan base on your experience

If you have any prior experience in business planning, I will recommend you start from there to develop your online boutique business plan.


Thos approach will greatly help you consider those things that have helped you or have made the previous online business successful.

Before preparing my online business plans, I will make sure I first include those things that have previously helped me achieve success.

Never underestimate your potential, only use the external knowledge your get in a place where there is no better option for your to go.

2. Make sure everything needed is in place

Making sure everything is in place simply means setting up the most important things prior to launching. Many mistake new aspiring business owners make is ignoring the little things thinking they will fix themselves when the time comes not knowing that anything that is to be fixed should be done by using the owner of the business.


There is no point leaving some things that matter in the idea that it will take care of itself. Be sure to checklist everything and see that it is in place before launching your online boutique business.

3. Setting a realistic goal

People are fund of not setting a goal that they know they can achieve, they so much believe in fantasy forgetting that we are not in Disney movies.

Reality requires us to be realistic, set our goals based o what we know we can achieve, and do not include what others have done which you are not certain on how they were able to reach that level.

Your goal should be based on your abilities and strength.


4. Cost of up your business

Consider very well the cost of setting up your business. Every business requires capital to start, check the right amount it will cost you to start and do not be stingy about it.

Also, set up a place where you will get the money from. Getting a loan may be the best option but first check other options you have then if there is none that may work for you, go with the loan.

After getting the loan, it will be in your best interest to work and repay the loan you have taken from the bank.

How To Setup Online Boutique Business Plan

5. The approach to promoting your online boutique

Setup a medium of promotion and how your will e able to reach your audience. There is no way you will succeed if you are overlooking the way you will be able to reach buyers for your online boutique business.


Today you have many options like social media and the internet, you promote your website with Google or Facebook so that with their help you will be able to reach to new audience.

6. Strategy to keep customers glued to your online boutique business

After getting those customers for your online boutique business, it is another job to keep them from leaving you. You need to find ways to let them stick to you, and get ways for them to keep buying from your services.

You can create an avenue where you let them voice out their experience and give a review about your services then look out for the place where your performance is not encouraging and strengthen it.

7. Area of concertation

You need to have at least 5 areas you concentrate on to grow your business, loom for those areas where everyone is ignoring then set up your customer base there.


Applying these technics will greatly help your stand the test of time, you will not have lots of completion and as a starter, you will not need to spend plenty of money on promotion.

8. Number of staff you will be needing

Only you can not do the while jobs, plan for numbers of staffs you will be starting with, plan o how much if staff will be paid after a month and the medium of payments.

Employ competent staffs that will assist you in the business, they should be able to have a good goal for your online boutiques, the should e able to handle many parts of the job.

They should be able to multitask since you will be needing a lot of it for your online boutique business.


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World Best Business Opportunity In Network Marketing



World Best Business Opportunity In Network Marketing

In this era of the internet, many opportunities have been unveiled which mostly point to network marketing and its associate. There are some niche in network market marketing that pays more than the other which is why we have come up with the world best business opportunity in network marketing you can start right away and start earning some money through that medium.

Network marketing can be defined in several ways but the definition that makes the most sense is that network marketing is a person to person sale by dependent agents subsequently working from the comfort of their homes or office.

A network marketing business mostly needs partners and salespeople leading in sales in order to run a successful business.


Network marketing does not necessarily mean a conjoined large number of firms selling random products to make ends meet, nor does it mean establishing a large store where household items are been sold to people nearby.

Network marketing is the advanced mood of stores and grocery houses, you can market any product using network marketing. You can start small with the digital products you can produce and then move to the software selling just like Envato market, codecayon and other online stores that deliver source codes and digital products.

To start a network marketing business, you do not need to be a tech-savvy or a tech geek, with basic knowledge of computer operation and the right mind that can give you the first boost you need to start a network marketing business. But you need to be open to knowledge as you grow in the network marketing business to enable you to stand the test of time and allow you to have all the advantages in that line of business.

To get started on the world best business opportunity in network marketing there are some steps one must follow to enable him or her have all the advantages in growing in the business. The initial steps one follows are what count the most, you should make sure that you don’t miss any of the steps we are going to go through together.


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Guide To The World Best Business Opportunity In Network Marketing

Goin through this guide, you will fully understand the exact steps needed to benefit from the world best business opportunity in network marketing.

1. Chose A Niche To Specialise On

Choosing a niche is very important in network marketing because without a niche you have no identity in the field of network marketing which gives you the identity that will boost your business as time goes on.


Choosing a niche is the most tricky part of network marketing as people seem to choose the wrong niche that may end up not favouring them. there are some niche in network marking that doesn’t do lots of good to the operator and there are niches that will go a long way in benefiting you as the founder

Steps in choosing a niche in network marketing are listed below, make sure you follow each step in choosing a niche for your business because missing a step means you are not following the right way to success in this world best business opportunity in network marketing.

How to choose a niche in world best business opportunity in network marketing

Niche remains the number one step in building authority in any business one has chosen to venture into, there are premium steps one needs to follow while making the choice of the niche to go for and those steps are what we have given below.

1. Look inward to see what you are best at doing


We sometimes ignore our potential running after things we do not feel comfortable doing, in the world best business opportunity in network marketing our potential counts a lot due to the fact that we need to give our best in order to have a successful business going for us, how then are we to give our best to a business we are not passionate about?

You can look toward those things you are good at doing and then choose a niche from that instead of implementing someone else strategy and niche which will do not you no much good at the end of the day

2. Build authority in that niche

After choosing a niche for your business, now comes the hard part which is building authority in that niche. Let us face it, building authority requires lots of sleepless nights and late night work, no one has actually made it in any business by sleeping 12 hours a day. You need to be up and doing with what niche you have chosen remember you have competitors around who cant wait to see you fall so they can take your stand in the network marketing field.


3. Stick to that niche you have choosing

There are lots of temptations in the open business where you see your competitors are doing fine more than you, you might be tempted to leave your choosing niche to divert to another which you presume will be more favourable to you.

It will do you a great favour when you stick to that choosing niche and make something out of it, work hard toward creating a lasting authority and then add other beneficial niches which will not be very hard for you to do anyways.

Have a good reason before changing a choosing niche in network marketing

Before you change your niche, make sure you have the best reason why. Having only a good reason is not enough to change and make sure the next niche you will choose has been analyzed at least 5 times before you can proceed.


Analysing a niche helps you have a clear vision of what you are going into otherwise it is just in a scenario of a blind man leading the blind. Make a proper analysis and if possible, invite other analytical thinkers to help you out so the best choice will be made.

2. Set Price Structure For Your Network Marketing Business

World Best Business Opportunity In Network Marketing

Setting your price structure at the beginning gives you a clear vision of how you are going to run your business as well as gives you a feeling of the benefits you will stand to gain from that business.

The earnings we get from doing a business sometimes remain the boost that will keep us up at night planning for that particular business.

Setting price structure should be precise and examined so you won’t be overcharging your customers and as well not working for free. You need to spend more time putting everything in order so that it won’t affect other factors holding you’d networking business.


3. Get a wholesale supplier

Since you are not building any products when starting, it is best you build a relationship with a reliable wholesale supplier who can be supplying you with good products that you can now market to your customers.

Make sure that the products you market are in good condition because bad products can affect your reputation and as well damage the authority you are building for yourself.

4. Promote Your Network Marketing Business

Your business will be overshadowed by other network marketing businesses if adequate promotions are not done in order to let the public know that you are doing that kind of business.

Paid promotion will go a long way in helping you reach your goals, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn etc. can help you reach your right audience.


You should consult experts in business promotion so you can get the right advice or if you do not have enough money for that, there are hundreds of posts on Facebook and credit about business promotion and other are thousands of videos on YouTube that will guide you on the right promotion strategy to implement in order to reach the right audience that will buy your products.

5. Learn Everyday To Sustain The Network Marketing Business

You need to learn every day if you want to sustain your network marketing business, learning every single putridity you have can leverage the growth of your business with a rapid speed.

It will help you save more money and help you have a clear understanding of how your business is going as well as what you may face in the future due to the fact that things will surely change and the need of people will surely take another turn which if not well prepare for, you will face a drastic fall from the top.


This are the world best business opportunity in network marketing, you should make sure you are not missing any steps and be sure you understand how things work around the networking business. There are lots of resources on google and YouTube which will surely help you grow in your choosing niche in the networking business, make sure you take good advantage of them by learning the ones you can and following the necessary steps for growth.


You are the master of your choosing niche in the network marketing business, you should give it your best shot at all times. Meanwhile, our comment section is open to answer your questions at any time, be sure to ask the right and direct questions which will enable you grow.

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How To Verify Your Business



Owning a business is an essential thing at any point but the stress comes when you need to set a standard for your business in the aspect of verifying your business to have a worthy stand in the country.

We will show you a step-by-step guide on how to verify your business in any part of the world you find yourself in. These steps will be broken down parts by parts so you will be able to get the correct result you are seeking for.

Benefits of verifying your business

Verifying your business holds many benefits that will improve your business and help you gain the trust of people around you. The study has shown a chart between varied business and unverified business performance and how well they have grown over some time.


The study shows that business that was verified stand a better chance of growing than those that has not been verified. Verifying a business has many benefits that it brings to that very business and these benefits add up as time goes on.

1. People Trust Verified Business

Is in our human nature to always seek out the best options and the safer ways of doing things, once we see a verified business, all our thoughts will turn to it because that way, we feel that it has the best services for us.

Even if the unverified business can do a better job than the verified one, all our attention will be on the verified because we feel more secure with them.

2. Makes your business genuine

Verifying your business makes people see your business as a genuine one, you do not stress course on explaining to people why you are the best among other competitors looking to attract the same kind of customers to their business.


3. Attract more customers to your business

Verifying your business can attract more customers to you thereby increasing the value and income you generate on your business.

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How To Verify Your Business

Verifying your business shouldn’t be complicated in any way but when you are not fully informed on the best way to do it, it becomes difficult.

We are going to see step by step guide on how you will verify your business on different platforms which will surely help grow your business and give it a stand to compete against every other business out there.


Google My Business Verification

Before you can do any changes to your business on Google, it is required for you to first verify it, you will first check that the info on your business is correct and that you are the only one that can edit that info on google. Below are the steps you can follow to verify your business on google.

1. Claim your business profile on google

Claiming your business on google simple means, letting google know that the business belongs to you by doing the following.

  1. Add your business to google search, google map and other google services
  2. Create your access to the google business profile
  3. Manage how your business profile information shows up across Google platforms

After claiming your business through the following process above, you are required to do other things which include the steps listed below.

2. Verify your business on Google

You are required to verify your business, verifying your business let google know that the information you have provided is yours and for this verification, you can use any medium such as below.

  1. Phone number verification
  2. Email verification
  3. Address verification
  4. Video verification
  5. Website verification

3. Pick your verification process

You are required to puck your verification which may include 1 or more types of verification depending on how you want your business profile to appear on google.

4. Verification review by google

Google need to review your verification before your profile will start appearing on google.


5. Wait for google verification to complete

It can take up to 7 days or more for google to complete your business verification.

6. Google Verification is completed

After Google has revied your verification and has confirmed the information you have provided, you will be emailed by google that the verification process has been completed.

7. After googling business verifications

After you have verified your business on Google, your business profile will start appearing on google as the business owner as shown below.

google business verification

Make sure that before you proceed, your address complies with the address policy if google that is the address must have the following;


Google business address verification policy

  1. The address must be real
  2. The address must belong to a country
  3. Must have a state and city
  4. Must have a zip code

How To Verify Your Business On Facebook Meta

Before you can verify your business on Facebook or any Meta products and services, you need to have certain access to Facebook products and services.

1. Click on start verification

When you click on start verification, you will begin the verifications process.

2. Enter your business details

You will be required to add your business information like address, business name, business page, business country, business city and other details of your business.

3. Selection of business type

You will be required to select the category your business belongs to from the list provided by Facebook.

4. Confirm your business

You should confirm your business through email verification and phone number verification.


5. Submit your details and verifications

After providing all the details required, you will now see submit button where you will submit every detail you have provided.

6. Criteria For verification

  1. You won’t see Start Verification unless your business needs verification
  2. You need to be an admin to your business profile otherwise you won’t see Start Verification
  3. Businesses based n China must complete bank verification

WhatsApp Business Verification

Since Whatsapp business belongs to Meta which is Facebook, you can only do the verifications once you have done your Facebook business verifications.

1. Provide the information you added on Facebook

You will be required to provide the information you provided on Facebook as you do your verification.

2. Open your WhatsApp business app

You must have installed the WhatsApp business app on your phone to be able to do the verifications.

3. Go to business tools on your WhatsApp business

Go to the business tools found on the WhatsApp business tools and fill in the following details.

  1. Business name
  2. Business address
  3. Business portfolio
  4. Business email address
  5. Business phone number
  6. Business website
  7. Working hours for your business
  8. The services you provide on your business.
  9. Other information you want your customers to see

Verify Your Business on Instagram

To verify your business on Instagram, you need to provide similar information as you have provided on Facebook, you can as well copy all the information you provided on Facebook to your Instagram since they are under the Meta platform.

1. Go to your profile

On your profile, tap on the menu icon

2. Tap on the profile

On the menu, you will see the profile where you will be able to edit your profile settings and information

3. Fill out your information

You will be required to fill in your business information as described in your business details.

4. Provide your business descriptions

Here you will be required to provide all the descriptions you want people to see about your business.


5. Provide your business story

You are required to provide behind the scene about your business such as the work you have done previously, what the will should expect when they buy your business and ways your business has helped other people in the past.

6. Encourage customer targeting

Encourage customers to tag your business.

Verify Your Business Details

Overall if you want to verify your business details everywhere, there are ways to achieve that, you will need to go through verification processes to get that done.

1. Chose a suitable name for your business

You need to choose a suitable name for your business, this is what people will see when they search for your business and it will remain your business identity.


2. Get a business location

Your business needs an address to function so that people can

3. You need to describe your business

You need to describe where your business falls in the market so people can know what services they need to come to you.

4. You will need a business phone number and email address

You should get a specific phone number and email for your business.

5. Get Government Verification

You need to get certified by the government by registering your business with them and in turn, they will give you a certificate of ownership.


You will need to go to the government office near you and pay them some amount of money, you will be given a certificate that contains your business name, business address and the services you provide.

6. Business TAX and VAT

Your business needs tax and vat as required by your country, this tax will allow your business to pay for tax in the country it belongs. It is a requirement for successful business verification and proper functionality.


Verifying your business is very important, there are lots of benefits you stand when your business is verified. We will attend to your questions through the comments section.


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