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3 New Year Decision You Should Make This 2022




Every year we are accustomed to making new resolutions and what we will be adding to our lives as well as the ones we will be removing from our life.

This is commonly known as a new year resolution where will analyze our lives, and fish out our weak points or the things we want to change in our life.

these new resolutions do not seem to work because we think that the new year will automatically bring the changes we want in our lives without us putting the necessary work needed for that changes to take effect.

There are some decisions we will make that will determine how well we are going to perform this year. Now we’ve entered the Year 2022 there are ways we can follow things in order to make these changes and resolutions more effective.

I have applied these techniques in my life and it has helped me to improve over the years these techniques are what I’m going to be listing here in this article so that you can apply them in 2022 in order to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

There is no limitation on whatever you want to do, if you want to build a house this year, if you want to buy a brand new car this year you can equally apply these techniques and it will surely work for you as it has worked for me and helped me achieve whatever I want to achieve without no limitation on whatever.

Choose To Start a Business of your Own

Starting your own business will take you a long way, decide that you will quit your job and look for a well-paying job or start that business you have been struggling to make the decision, it will do you no harm if you try.

You may fail or feel stressed out along the way, but you shouldn’t give up, this is your feature, and you need to chase it with all seriousness.

1. Prayer

yes, I know you have been praying previously, I know you have been praying every New Year but how intentional have you been toward that prayer I’m not talking about how heavy you prayed I’m talking about how have you worked toward that prayer.

Many of us are fond of just praying and letting God do every of the work but it doesn’t work that way when we pray we should work towards that goal and working towards that goal will help us gain whatever we want to. Decide this year that after you must have prayed about your new year resolution always come back to your house and walk towards that thing you are grateful for and it shall work for you.

2. Change Your Habit

changing your habits can go a long way in helping you if you, from the time you wake up til when you retire to bed.

You can wake up late so I will call and pillow work out and start walking towards a goal that you have and see the effect of the changes that will surely come to you will see it as a minor thing but you have it towards pains little the kind of person you are and what you’re going to achieve changing your house with me surely improve that particular response

3. Work Toward Your Goal At All Cost

walking towards your goal no matter what and more some people that will start working on a goal and because they have realized that the goal is difficult they were number because if you can’t be consistent and what was that go he will surely benefit and make it up there every once.


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World Best Business Opportunity In Network Marketing



World Best Business Opportunity In Network Marketing

In this era of the internet, many opportunities have been unveiled which mostly point to network marketing and its associate. There are some niche in network market marketing that pays more than the other which is why we have come up with the world best business opportunity in network marketing you can start right away and start earning some money through that medium.

Network marketing can be defined in several ways but the definition that makes the most sense is that network marketing is a person to person sale by dependent agents subsequently working from the comfort of their homes or office.

A network marketing business mostly needs partners and salespeople leading in sales in order to run a successful business.

Network marketing does not necessarily mean a conjoined large number of firms selling random products to make ends meet, nor does it mean establishing a large store where household items are been sold to people nearby.

Network marketing is the advanced mood of stores and grocery houses, you can market any product using network marketing. You can start small with the digital products you can produce and then move to the software selling just like Envato market, codecayon and other online stores that deliver source codes and digital products.

To start a network marketing business, you do not need to be a tech-savvy or a tech geek, with basic knowledge of computer operation and the right mind that can give you the first boost you need to start a network marketing business. But you need to be open to knowledge as you grow in the network marketing business to enable you to stand the test of time and allow you to have all the advantages in that line of business.

To get started on the world best business opportunity in network marketing there are some steps one must follow to enable him or her have all the advantages in growing in the business. The initial steps one follows are what count the most, you should make sure that you don’t miss any of the steps we are going to go through together.

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Guide To The World Best Business Opportunity In Network Marketing

Goin through this guide, you will fully understand the exact steps needed to benefit from the world best business opportunity in network marketing.

1. Chose A Niche To Specialise On

Choosing a niche is very important in network marketing because without a niche you have no identity in the field of network marketing which gives you the identity that will boost your business as time goes on.

Choosing a niche is the most tricky part of network marketing as people seem to choose the wrong niche that may end up not favouring them. there are some niche in network marking that doesn’t do lots of good to the operator and there are niches that will go a long way in benefiting you as the founder

Steps in choosing a niche in network marketing are listed below, make sure you follow each step in choosing a niche for your business because missing a step means you are not following the right way to success in this world best business opportunity in network marketing.

How to choose a niche in world best business opportunity in network marketing

Niche remains the number one step in building authority in any business one has chosen to venture into, there are premium steps one needs to follow while making the choice of the niche to go for and those steps are what we have given below.

1. Look inward to see what you are best at doing

We sometimes ignore our potential running after things we do not feel comfortable doing, in the world best business opportunity in network marketing our potential counts a lot due to the fact that we need to give our best in order to have a successful business going for us, how then are we to give our best to a business we are not passionate about?

You can look toward those things you are good at doing and then choose a niche from that instead of implementing someone else strategy and niche which will do not you no much good at the end of the day

2. Build authority in that niche

After choosing a niche for your business, now comes the hard part which is building authority in that niche. Let us face it, building authority requires lots of sleepless nights and late night work, no one has actually made it in any business by sleeping 12 hours a day. You need to be up and doing with what niche you have chosen remember you have competitors around who cant wait to see you fall so they can take your stand in the network marketing field.

3. Stick to that niche you have choosing

There are lots of temptations in the open business where you see your competitors are doing fine more than you, you might be tempted to leave your choosing niche to divert to another which you presume will be more favourable to you.

It will do you a great favour when you stick to that choosing niche and make something out of it, work hard toward creating a lasting authority and then add other beneficial niches which will not be very hard for you to do anyways.

Have a good reason before changing a choosing niche in network marketing

Before you change your niche, make sure you have the best reason why. Having only a good reason is not enough to change and make sure the next niche you will choose has been analyzed at least 5 times before you can proceed.

Analysing a niche helps you have a clear vision of what you are going into otherwise it is just in a scenario of a blind man leading the blind. Make a proper analysis and if possible, invite other analytical thinkers to help you out so the best choice will be made.

2. Set Price Structure For Your Network Marketing Business

World Best Business Opportunity In Network Marketing

Setting your price structure at the beginning gives you a clear vision of how you are going to run your business as well as gives you a feeling of the benefits you will stand to gain from that business.

The earnings we get from doing a business sometimes remain the boost that will keep us up at night planning for that particular business.

Setting price structure should be precise and examined so you won’t be overcharging your customers and as well not working for free. You need to spend more time putting everything in order so that it won’t affect other factors holding you’d networking business.

3. Get a wholesale supplier

Since you are not building any products when starting, it is best you build a relationship with a reliable wholesale supplier who can be supplying you with good products that you can now market to your customers.

Make sure that the products you market are in good condition because bad products can affect your reputation and as well damage the authority you are building for yourself.

4. Promote Your Network Marketing Business

Your business will be overshadowed by other network marketing businesses if adequate promotions are not done in order to let the public know that you are doing that kind of business.

Paid promotion will go a long way in helping you reach your goals, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn etc. can help you reach your right audience.

You should consult experts in business promotion so you can get the right advice or if you do not have enough money for that, there are hundreds of posts on Facebook and credit about business promotion and other are thousands of videos on YouTube that will guide you on the right promotion strategy to implement in order to reach the right audience that will buy your products.

5. Learn Everyday To Sustain The Network Marketing Business

You need to learn every day if you want to sustain your network marketing business, learning every single putridity you have can leverage the growth of your business with a rapid speed.

It will help you save more money and help you have a clear understanding of how your business is going as well as what you may face in the future due to the fact that things will surely change and the need of people will surely take another turn which if not well prepare for, you will face a drastic fall from the top.


This are the world best business opportunity in network marketing, you should make sure you are not missing any steps and be sure you understand how things work around the networking business. There are lots of resources on google and YouTube which will surely help you grow in your choosing niche in the networking business, make sure you take good advantage of them by learning the ones you can and following the necessary steps for growth.

You are the master of your choosing niche in the network marketing business, you should give it your best shot at all times. Meanwhile, our comment section is open to answer your questions at any time, be sure to ask the right and direct questions which will enable you grow.

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10 Small Business Ideas To Start From Home



10 Small Business Ideas To Start From Home

If you are a stay a home mom or dad and currently looking for a small business to start then here are some perfect small business ideas to start from home with just your laptop and smartphones as the case may be.

I have been working since I was a student at the university, this has given me the pleasure of doing anything I like whenever I like it and being able to take care f things that I needed whenever I need them.

It has allowed me to study for my classes, have enough time to do my assignments and prepare for my exams when am seating for one, the same process I followed all this while is the same thing am going to teach you to do on this very article, you are going to learn so much on how to start making money from home.

If you have chosen to start making money from home as many stays at home parents do, consider choosing one of the following ideas below.

  1. Electronic repair services
  2. Kids daycare services
  3. Handmade Products
  4. Buying and selling of home use products
  5. Homemade soup and detergents
  6. Social media influencer
  7. Adviser in business
  8. E-commerce website business
  9. Teach students online
  10. Start a YouTube and TikTok channel

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1. Electronic repair services

There are some people who are good at being handymen, these people are good at fixing small electronic equipment, means that are been used often in the home, if you are among this kind of people, you can start fixing things for those that may need your skills.

If you are not good at fixing things but really want to learn how to start, there are lots of YouTube videos that will teach you the faults and possible fixing for any home appliances.

Search for that kind of video on YouTube so you can learn how to start fixing any problem that small home appliances may have.

You may charge according to the services you have provided to people or the kind of home appliances you have fixed, you will definitely charge higher when you fix someone’s DVD player than when you just help fix someone’s remote control.

You may need tools like;

  • Screwdriver
  • tester
  • plyer
  • Magnets

You can buy these tools anywhere in the market and it is not expensive as you can get them as cheap as $4 in the market.

There are varieties of these tools sold in the market, when you go to buy any, make sure to ask questions in order to buy the ones that will really serve the purpose you want to use it for.

2. Kid’s daycare services

Parents are now very busy due to the society and the kind of lifestyle we live in this day, to live and survive in this era, one needs to be up and doing at all times which has made parents too busy to even take care of their kids.

There are many parents that work from 6 AM to 8 PM every day thus having little or no time for the kids, you can step in and start taking care of these kids as a daycare owner where you will provide the care to the child’s needs till the parents come back.

Daycare is not really easy to run since taking care of kids can be very tasking. You should charge very high for the services because for sure, parents are willing to pay any price for the safety and care of their kids.

You should buy TV and kids movies as well as songs to keep them entertained while their parents are out, you can also buy kid books where they will further learn adding to the ones they are been taught in the school where they attend.

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3. Handmade Products

If you enjoy creating things, why not start makings things people need in their homes. There are lots of homemade products you start making right away with just the tools you have in your kitchen.

If you do not know how to make any, you can search on YouTube on how to make them, there you will be taught everything you need to need to make any homemade products of your choice. You can start making the following;

  • Candle
  • Jewellery
  • Kids shoe
  • Kids clothes
  • Crafted furniture
  • Homemade food

Making these things are not easy but not so difficult to make, there are lots of videos out there on YouTube that will teach you how to get started making these things.

4. Buying and selling of home-use products

Homes need things like bathing soaps, body lotion and towels at every point in time, you can start selling these things to your neighbours and those around you.

You can buy them cheaper from whole sellers then resell them at a higher price, many people are doing this already but you can start yours in a different way.

Seek out those things people are not yet selling them start selling them to people around you in order to avoid competition and t grow faster in that business, when you are known by people for selling that particular goods and services, it becomes easier.

5. Homemade soup and detergents

If you know how to make soups and detergents like detol and bleach, you can start selling them to people as they will definitely need them for their use.

When I was little. my mom will make bleach for washing so we do not need to buy any, many of our neighbours will come requesting to buy some and will always return to buy more because it was very effective.

It turned into a good business for my mom because she was selling cheaper than it was sold in the market, the bleach was very effective just as the one been sold in the market and she was good at making it.

As time goes on people from outside started buying, and she started packaging it very to look very clean and professional.

you can start making this kind of product and sell to people, as far as it is effective and give them what they want, they will buy it from you and in turn, you make a good amount of money.

6. Social media influencer

Influencers are now making it huge from their YouTube channel and TikTok page, if you are good at giving advice to people, why not start making money off it.

How to start as an influencer

You will need a nice not focus, build an audience on that niche, and have a Facebook page, TikTok page and YouTube for you to be able to gather your audience in one place. You can follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Chose a niche you are fluent on
  2. Create a Facebook page, Tiktok page and YouTube channel
  3. Create an audience in that niche
  4. Connect with your audience

Making it on the influencer market needs you to be up and doing, you need to be creating content as often as possible in order for you to grow and get noticed by people.

7. Adviser in business

If you have knowledge about some business, start offering advice to people on the internet, they are so many people in need of business to start, and you can help those people with the advice the need to succeed and the kind of business that will work for them.

This is similar to influencers as they basically do the same thing, but this time it’s more professional as you are dealing with business persons.

You can buy business books, and read them to get more ideas on how to advise people on the kind of business they should start.

8. E-commerce website business

E-commerce websites can come in handy for you, you can basically set it up with just $30 in your account, you do not need to buy any product as far as you can source your products from another top e-commerce site.

You can promote affiliate links through your e-commerce site by pasting the links to the product and including pictures of the products.

If you want to run it in a big way, you can be purchasing the product, own a youtube channel and start sharing your review on the products with a link to your e-commerce store so people can easily purchase them from there.

How to create an e-commerce site

  1. Get a hosting account
  2. Get a domain
  3. Install WordPress on it
  4. Install already made free e-commerce theme on your site
  5. If you are skilled you can build yours with elementor

9. Teach students online

Parents want their kids to learn at every point in time, start teaching these kids via WhatsApp video call or Zoom classes on the chosen subjects.

You can use your phone to achieve this as you only need to lecture the kids on that specific subject. You can choose to use a laptop if you have one.

You can also teach adults that need your services, you will need to prepare lesson notes on the subjects you are teaching then try as much as possible to lecture them to their understanding.

10. Start a YouTube and TikTok channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a very nice thing to do as you need only your phone to achieve that in this era of short videos, you can record random events at your home in order to upload on your channel.

You can record yourself doing all these things mentioned above and upload it to your channel, you only need to understand how to record and upload content and make it accessible to people.

As far as your phone has a good camera and can record sound, you are good to go, you can watch the video below in order for your to start creating your YouTube channel.

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10 Tech Startup Ideas



10 Tech Startup Ideas

The Tech industry remains the best place with the greatest opportunity to grow financially and others, here are some tech startup ideas for you to start your tech career where you can be able to make it great impact on the society, and the world and even provide job opportunities for those in need of a job.

  • IT strategy consultant
  • software consultant
  • Software developer
  • Robotics software engineer
  • Firmware developer
  • Financial software developer
  • QA developer
  • Car mechanical engineering
  • Car consultant
  • Computer consultant

1. IT strategist consultant

As an IT strategist consultant you will be hired by businesses to professionally look into various aspects of their business such as the company management which is the top part of the company, financial examination and the company is doing the spending, how much are they making from the ones they are spending and if they are spending more than they are making.

You would also be hired to take care of the technical aspect of the firm where you will be in charge of the cyber security, how information is sent and received remotely and ways to protect the company software from hackers and viruses.

As an IT strategist consultant, you can open your own firm where you let people come to you for your services, then when you provide these services for them, you will be get paid. This is the best way to make it in the I strategies consultant industry.

You can also provide a clean and well-sketched plan on how companies that succeed if they follow, guide them on how to overtake competitors without creating any problems for themselves and how to grow the company in general. IT strategist is a very clear example of what you should do when it comes to tech startup ideas to venture into.

2. Software consultant

A software consultant is one who is paid by an individual or company to give their expert review and guideline on a software system and the third party and how to best develop it to better serve the need it is been developed for.

As a software consultant, you need to possess a high range of experience and ideas about software and how the works, you need to have knowledge of the programming languages listed below.

  • Python program
  • JavaScript program
  • CSS
  • Java
  • c++

You are expected to provide the important information to make a company go with the best decision that will better serve them and put them at the top of the game.

Software choices often impact companies and firms, making the wrong choices can cause so much damage to the company, they may lose credibility, they may lose lots of customers and may also lose their stand in the market making it difficult to secure customers.

3. Software developer

A software developer is a very nice idea for tech startup ideas, as a software developer, you have many opportunities waiting for you. Many industries are in search of a very good software developer that builds sophisticated software for their industry.

You can start working for companies like that in order to get paid, there are software ideas you can get from the internet, those ideas have been published for free and would really give you a head start on where to start when building software.

4. Robotics software engineer

As a robotic software engineer, you are to build robots use in homes and industries for faster, efficient and near to perfect productivity as human beings are too occupied to be doing some kind of work.

Industries are switching to robotic use making robotics software engineering a very lucrative business to go into, you have to understand in full how robotic engineering works, how to write a clean program and how to assemble mechanical parts into one machine that will enable your robot parts to move.

Robotics software engineering can be owned by an individual company where one can build its robot then sell it to homes and offices just like amazon and google are doing, robot is high efficiency in doing the task it’s made for and by that attracting many buyers. So you have lots of potential to earn high from building your robots.

You need to check the robot’s performance for a better understanding of functionality before putting it out on the market.

  1. You need to check the functionality
  2. The performance
  3. The accuracy in doing the task
  4. Its life span
  5. Possible faults it may develop and how to easily fix them
  6. How best to improve its functionality

5. Firmware developer

Firmware developers are those who develop firmware and design hardware and software for online system supervision and protocol. Firmware developers enable IT companies to flawlessly in both maintaining their systems and securing their data from cyber theft.

There are lots of ways to earn money while being a firmware developer and one of them is developing a firmware then selling it out to people who may need it in their firm and building a private firmware for industries that needs it for a specific reason.

Before becoming a firmware developer you need to understand the basis of development and computer programming, you need to learn how to write a program, especially a python programming language from a to z, and you need to understand how firmware and internet security works so that you know the places to keep too private while developing your firmware.

6. Financial software developer

Financial software developers are developers who developed, modify and update financial software uses in the bank, this software includes security, secured protocol, encryption and operating interface.

As a financial software developer, you are to build secure software that banks can use in maintaining their business and recording as well as collecting customer data.

You can have your own software that you use for financial purposes. Financial software developers are among the well-paid software developers in the world because it takes lots of energy and works to develop any kind of software due to the fact that it has to do with finances and highly valued documents.  Firms are willing to pay big amounts of money so far you can build a very nice, neat and secured financial software for them.

7. QA developer

As a QA developer, your job is to improve already assisting software and make them better than they where, you need to make them more secure, improve functionality, make the necessary improvement and make it more profitable to the industry.

8. Car mechanical engineering

Car mechanical engineering can be classified into two parts

  1. Car Designers
  2. Car maintenance

Car Designers

If you are a car builder, you are required to work in a car company where cars as being manufactured, you can work as a head engineer where you direct workers on ways to better design the cars. You may be among the designers where the job is to design new models for cars and feature designs.

You will need to have a degree in mechanical engineering meaning you have passed through all the training and gain all the knowledge needed to build cars before you can fully called an engineer.

Car Maintenance

You can own an auto prepare workshop where you help maintain and repair faulty cars and machines, your job is to change paths and service cars for people who have default cars as well as make parts available to anyone who wants to change his or her car parts.

9. Car consultant

A car consultant is one who helps people that want to acquire a car for themselves, their job is to get a car that suits their needs, have good functionality and will be affordable for them equally.

You can learn all it needs to be a car consultant online by registering for the course or learning how to perform in that industry through YouTube, there are YouTube videos that teach people how to become very good car consultants.

10. Computer consultant

Computer consultants can be hardware system programmers, software installer or computer maintenance, your job is to overseas all the expectations of computers apart from manufacturing.

You can develop software for industries or help maintain for them, there are lots of jobs to be done if you wish to join the computer consulting firm, there are lots of payments involved meaning companies will pay highly for experience computer consultant.

You can learn more about computer consultants by researching more about it through books studying or numerous information scattered online.


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